FHA Closings

The FHA closing process can be held in one of several locations. They usually occur at the title company’s office, a real estate attorney’s office, or your mortgage lender’s office. There could be some other agreed-upon location as well, but those are the three most common locations.


  • The owner/borrower will review and sign all of the loan documents. Be sure to ask questions before signing, on any items you are unclear on.
  • You will be asked to provide proof that you have a homeowners insurance policy in place, such as a homeowners insurance binder.
  • You’ll have to provide a cashier’s check to cover your down payment, your closing costs, taxes, and prepaid interest, if applicable. You should receive a closing disclosure document three business days before your FHA closing process. This document will outline your total costs that must be paid when you close.
  • Your mortgage lender will release the funds covering your home loan amount.
  • Depending on the terms of your contract, some borrowers are required to set up an escrow account with their lenders. Escrow allows you to pay your property taxes and insurance premiums along with your monthly mortgage payment.

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